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Designing an Ideal Classroom

            At one time or another, everybody has been in a class that seems tedious and boring. Student's winds up concentrating on anything and everything except what they are supposed to be focusing on. In fact, students not being able to fully concentrate in classrooms happens so often that researchers have spent years trying to figure out what type of classroom would not only enhance students ability to learn, but also encourage students to learn. I believe that the temperature of the room, having tables instead of desks, and the overall decorations of a classroom play a big part in designing an ideal learning environment.
             First of all, keeping a classroom too cold or exceptionally hot can easily distract students. For example, if the classroom is extremely cold students won't want to take notes because they would rather use there hands to rub their arms warm, or they would rather just keep their hands in their pockets. Furthermore, when classrooms are too warm students will zone out and just sit in the class and dwell on how miserable the heat is making them feel. If students are sitting in a classroom thinking about how great a blanket would be or how the room feels like a sauna, then clearly the temperature is keeping them from focusing on learning. Understandably, keeping classrooms at a temperature that pleases everybody is hard. However, it's not hard to see if over half of the class is too hot or cold. In view of that, my ideal classroom would stay at the most .
             enjoyable temperature possible. It's plain to see that something as small as the classroom temperature can keep students distracted throughout the entire class period.
             In addition to temperature, another problem that prevents students from learning is having desks, rather then tables. The majority of classrooms today have desks lined up in rows, causing more pressure on students to get the answers right if they are called on.

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