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The Minor Characters in Araby

             Though a short story usually focuses on one main character, we know that it is almost impossible to delete all the minor characters as they also play an important role in the story. Among those functions, I would like to find out how the minor characters in "Araby" affect the boy in terms of characteristics. By analyzing the priest, the boy's uncle, Mangan's sister, and the people at the bazaar, we will be able to find out more concretely how the minor characters function. .
             The priest is a kind of model to the boy, therefore he imitates him. He often spends his time in the back drawing room where the priest had died. When he shouts out "Oh love! Oh love!" in the back drawing room, he takes the posture of praying. (paragraph 6) Moreover, his love for Mangan's sister is expressed in many parts as if he is worshiping God. She is an absolute being to him, as God is to the priest. Namely, we can see that the priest has affected the boy's behavior. .
             The boy's uncle is another minor character who influences the boy's character. From the story we can see that the boy has no parents. As a result, he lives with his uncle and aunt with lack of attention and love. In the part where his uncle forget's about the boy's plan to go to the bazaar, though reminded in the morning, we can see clearly the indifferentness of the uncle towards the boy. By seeing how the uncle treats the boy, it is pretty obvious why the boy turned out to be so isolated, lonely, and dull. .
             Like I mentioned above, Mangan's sister is like God, a fantasy to the boy. Therefore her words and actions have a great meaning to him. Though Mangan's sister doesn't give much intention to the boy, every single word she says, and every single move she makes is a big deal to him. His life is totally colored by her. Through Mangan's sister, we are able to vividly see the boy's characteristics. Most of the settings in the story are described as a dark and somber image.

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