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The obsession that college students have with their weight

            The obsession that college students have with their weight.
             In today's society people like Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks, and Vin Diesel are the icons of perfection. On the college campus there are hundreds of beautiful people. On that same campus there are thousands of mediocre looking people that are trying to look like that beautiful person sitting next to them in their class everyday. There are more and more college students working out everyday trying their best to fit in. I believe that this phenomenon is cultural based. This phenomenon started probably about 20-25 years ago, with models and actors started slimming down. Then the emergence of super thin models and huge muscled bodybuilders becoming the epitome of perfection. There are many causes for this phenomenon and in this paper I will discuss a few of the causes that I think are the most prominent. I will begin with the least obvious and work my way down to the most obvious cause.
             The first cause I would like to discuss would be a kind of remote cause; today there are fitness centers everywhere. Granted not everyone will go to the gyms just cause they are everywhere, but when you see something enough times you start to get curious about it. Not only are they everywhere they are becoming more affordable. I bet on the radio there are at least two or three promotional ads that are broadcast on the radio every hour. These promotions are usually giving a good deal on a membership. So when you have an affordable, and easily accessible way of working out then why not do so. .
             Also with advanced technology working out has become easier and faster for those college students who don't have a lot of time. .
             Going back to one of my opening statements about people wanting to look like the beautiful person sitting next to them or the person they see everyday walking with others drooling at their appearance. I am a college student and I see this sort of thing everyday.

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