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             "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." This saying means that the more power one has the more corrupt they become. One that has power generally abuses it. In Macbeth many different people have power, and each use their power in a different way. Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and the three witches each control some sort of power. What is their power, and how do they become corrupt with it?.
             The character of Macbeth displays little power. Macbeth is one of the weaker characters, but has the chance to have power in his hands. His only real power came when he murdered King Duncan and ruled over the people. However, this power leads him to his own death.
             When Macbeth became king, power poured into his hands. Macbeth wanted nothing to knock him down. One person however, began to figure it all out; this was Banquo. When Banquo said he was not going to the banquet Macbeth knew he knew. "Our fears in Banquo stick deep- (III, 1, 47-55). Therefore, Macbeth sent out assassins to have them killed. Macbeth used his power to convince the assassins that it would be the best for them to do this, not knowing that no matter what it would lead to their deaths. The assassins killed Banquo, but his son got away. Now that the assassins had killed for Macbeth, he had them killed. Macbeth's power already began to corrupt him and make him evil. Macbeth was taking lives just to insure his own safety.
             Macbeth also showed much power over the people. "Send out moe horses, skirr the country round. Hang those that talk of fear" (V, 2, 35-37). Macbeth's power lead him to believe that he could treat the people as he wished and that lives didn't matter. Macbeth carelessly threw away lives like nothing. This made the people start to turn their backs on Macbeth, which started to bring him down.
             The biggest flaw of Macbeth was that he believed he was unstoppable. This was because the three witches said his reign would come to an end when the Wood of Birnam came to his castle, and that he can only be killed by a man not born of women.

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