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             Sarah and her search dog Monty are .
             sent all around the world to search for victims and survivors of natural disasters. The bond between Sarah and Monty is incredible. Sarah is thick headed and is more on the independent side. Monty is basically a human being because he expresses his emotions like the way human beings do. When ever Sarah finds a dead body during a search, she tries not to show Monty because he gets emotional. Meanwhile Sarah and Monty are out during their rescues, on the other side of the world a research site has been blown up. The research site was owned by a wealthy man by the name of James Logan. His site was sabotaged by his enemy Rudzak. Logan later finds out one of his scientists in the research site was caught and held hostage. Rudzak also left a dark red carnelian scarab at the site. In order to find John Logans' scientist he had to find some one good with searching down lost or missing people. He is later on informed more about Sarah and her work. He devises a plan to get her to work for him because he knows she doesn't like him because of their history. Knowing she would not volunteer to help him so he finds out that her dog is owned by the government. Then he called up his connections to make sure that if she does not cooperate with him that they would take the dog from her. He also promises her that if she cooperates then she would end up with the dog legally. Sarah is outraged by all this but has no choice but to help him. They go through many arguments and fights during the process of searching down Bassett, the scientist. Eventually Monty sniffs Bassett out in the woods. Just before directly going into the cave where Bassett was held, John Logan told them to wait until his troops made sure it was safe. When Logans men went in for the rescue they found out it was a trap so they had to shoot their way out as that incident was happening Sarah and Monty ran towards the site.

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