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Ancient to Modern Political Thinking

            America politics have come along way for the time of its youth. The transition in the way we think has produced a society where the law is at the will of the Nation. This society has removed God and Monarchs from the center of the Government. Americas" transition from ancient to modern political thinking has caused physical growth as a nation but has caused spiritual decay. Looking at the growth of America you will come to the conclusion that America has established itself through self government as a magnificent evolving nation. Through a different set of eyes you could see quite the opposite. Even though we see America as a great and wonderful Nation, some people believe that America as a nation has strayed from its founding principles and heading down a path contrary to Gods will. No matter how you look at Americas progression you must look at the benefits we have received through our transitioned political structure. The Movement from Ancient to Modern thinking has produced one great aspect, that aspect is Democracy. Political Participation in a government run by the people is the greatest benefit that the people in America have been given.
             In the time of Americas" youth there were those who challenge Democracy, and did not understand its importance. Thinkers like the Un-American Filmer would lead you to believe that there must be a sovereign ruler and that obedience to him brings liberty. He believed that this idea of Democracy has too many sides, when many rule the government who then would be sovereign. Going against the Natural Liberty thought that all men are created free, Filmer would tell you that all men are born into subjection to a sovereign ruler. This ancient way of thinking would change over the years as America matures. Another ancient thinker would take a step in the direction of a modern political way of thought. Locke would declare that all men are equal and that one is no more powerful that he next, getting away for the idea of a sovereign ruler, but not fully supporting the democracy that we now hold.

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