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Harold washington

            Chicago is a great city with a long history both good as well as bad. From Michael Jordan to Al Capone, Chicago is known throughout the world. As unique as Chicago's reputation is nothing is more interesting than Chicago Politics. More importantly, the name Harold Washington sounds familiar. Being the first black mayor of Chicago does boost your image but his fight to the top was a battle and the perfect example of Chicago Politics.
             Harold Washington filed his mayoral petitions on December 6, 1982 with the city clerk. His declaration to run for mayor was unprecedented because it was hard to imagine an African-American elected mayor of one of the most racist cities in the United States. Washington and his few supporters believed that he could topple the white mayor seat of Chicago. Harold Washington was a firm believer in the First Gospel of Saint Matthew and its no coincidence that people say his nominating petitions were taller than ten bibles.
             He was the ultimate underdog not only because he had no campaign slogan, no money to run a campaign, and no bank credit that would have let him rent office space for those who would volunteer for his campaign. Just the fact that running against the multi-million dollar Jane Byrne and Richard M. Daley who was the State's Attorney proved even more difficult. Just the name Daley brings memories of the elder Daley who basically controlled Chicago until his death is nerve-racking. Then along comes Washington who said money couldn't buy votes (although some would beg to differ) and that Richard Daley thinks he should be mayor just because his father was. Being black made the challenge to win the Democratic Primary more difficult.
             It was Renault Robinson who volunteered the use of the Afro-American Patrolman's League's offices that were located on South Cottage Grove. He had canceled all of the leagues operation and had installed extra telephones for the campaign volunteers.

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