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Is Tiger Woods a good role model?

             Many young kids look up to someone and wish they could be just like that person when they grow up. We call these people, who are being looked up upon, role models. God role models can be classified by what they do and how they act on television, newspapers or magazines, and what they do when they cameras are off. This classification mainly describes role models who are athletes. Also, being an athletic role model requires them to e the best at their particular sport.
             In my childhood, there were quite a few good athletic role models. Being a golfer, Jack Nicalaus was who I wanted to be. He fit every one of the criteria and was an all around good person to everyone. Michael Jordan was also admired by many of my friends. He also fit the criterion, but what made him so popular with the kids were his commercials. Before I got into golf, Nolan Ryan was who I looked up to because he was such a good pitcher. As for the past few years, there has been one name that has come up lots more with kids who play golf.
             Tiger Woods has been the world's best golfer for the past four years and is still on top. It's no wonder why he is the favorite to so many kids. There's no doubt that he is a role model, but the question is if he is a good role model or not? To figure this out, we need to place him and his actions to the criteria of what makes a good role model.
             Tiger has been on television ever since he was a kid, but it wasn't until the past eight years he has been shown regularly. He has been shown more than any other golfer because of what he has accomplished so quickly. Last year alone, he only finished out of the top twenty five in two of eighteen total tournaments (tigerwoods.com). Tiger does have one drawback when he is on the golf course. Whenever he is playing bad, he tends to use profanity quite frequently. I have personally been to some tournaments when he was playing, and I followed him around for some of his round.

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