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The Increasing Costs of Paying Athletes

            A common discussion among sports fans is whether athletes should get paid as much as they do. This question has been one that has reached the ears of every sports fan. Many athletes that do swimming, football, tennis and many other sports get paid too much. People have many opinions about this discussion. For example, people say they should get paid a lot because of their talent. However, some people may disagree with that and say that they shouldn't get paid that much as they don't contribute to society. .
             Athletes should get paid a lot as fans are willing to pay tickets to watch them. Many popular sports are held in massive stadiums. People can be desperate to go and watch them play no matter how much it costs or where it is. For example, in the London 2012 Olympics, 90% of tickets would be £100 or less, 66% less than £50 and about 25% costing £20 or less. The most popular and expensive event which was the men 100m final, it would cost from £50 to £725. .
             Many people would like to be the athlete they dream of. This is good as it means people are being more active and healthy. If we had no athletes to inspire people then people would be unhealthy and they would have more chance of having an illness. For example, more than 1.5 billion people all over the world watched the Olympics last year. As a result, they have truly inspired younger generations to be active. Also centuries ago people were really active compared to the present as they had a lot of work to do. Now people have more chance of becoming obese as they are not doing exercise and just lying on their couch all day. That's what the athletes are there for, to be their role models.
             Athletes should get paid more as they have more responsibility of reaching everyone instead of a few. Athletes entertain everyone compared to a police where they only provide service to a town or city. For example, a teacher only teaches in a single classroom whereas an athlete entertain fans around the world.

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