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Working Conditions at Nike Inc.

             Nike today is one of the most popular brands in the world and used for fashion and sport all the world. I am a soccer player and I like Nike products for their quality and style. For myself Nike is comparable with Apple because the company achieved to create a mythos around their products which let the people who uses the products look cool. Nike's provides athletes with quality and every-day people with fashion. Nike's turnover in the financial year 2013/ 2014 was 27.8 billion dollar and the brand is worldwide biggest sports equipment manufacturer (Statista). The price for the economic success pay the workers in the factories while working for about 50 cents an hour under horrible working conditions (Wright). I want to focus in this opinion paper on the working conditions and what Nike tried to do to help and my opinion if the brand did enough or not. .
             But let's start from the beginning. In 1964 Phil H. Knights created "Blue Ribbon Sports" which would be changed 1971 into "Nike". Named after the Greek goddess of victory the company became quickly the shoe manufacturer No. 1 in the world. .
             Knights used the Olympic Games 1972 as the platform to promote Nike first time worldwide and he achieved that some great American athletes wear Nike during the games which boosted the sales for the company. The advertisement strategy was simple but successful. Nike tried to go to the athletes and let them be successful in their products which would create a hype about the equipment. Young amateurs see their idols in Nike and want to have the same products. If the professional is more successful he becomes the idol for more people which create the snowball effect and led to higher sales. .
             As Knights created his business plan for "Blue Ribbon Sports" 1962 while he did his MBA on Stanford University he thought about using cheap Japanese labor to develop a cheap and good-quality running shoe.

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