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Nike Sweatsshacks

             Nike is the leading shoe and athletic apparel company in the United States and one of the.
             In 1993, Nike's fiscal revenues were as large as the NBA, NFL, and Major.
             League Baseball's television deals, ticket sales, and paraphernalia sales combined. In addition to.
             their phenomenal sales, Nike has marketed itself so thoroughly that it has literally become a.
             household name. This hefty sum of money seems even more outrageous given the conditions of.
             the factories used to produce these high-dollar goods. Nike does much of its shoe production in.
             countries like China and Haiti where workers cannot be represented by labor unions. These.
             workplaces are called sweatshops. The Department of labor defines a workplace as a sweatshop.
             if it violates two or more of the most basic labor laws including child labor, minimum wage,.
             overtime and fire safety laws (Given,1). In attempts to improve its public image, Nike.
             spokeswomen Donna Gibb argues that the average wage of a Nike worker in Indonesia is double.
             the local minimum wage (Williams,19) . Ironically, in most cases workers actually make less.
             than the minimum wage. In these sweatshops workers are paid $0.70 at best for a pair of shoes.
             that sells for around $100. Sweatshops eradicated in the U.S. early in the twentieth century.
             Since 1995, several events have propelled the issue into North American consumers minds. In.
             Canada 1995, a 12-year old boy drew world wide attention to the tragedy of child labor. Craig.
             Kielburger, of Thornhill, Ont., founded the group Free the Children after hearing about the.
             assassination of a Pakistani boy his own age who had been agitating against child labor. Craig.
             gathered thousands of signatures calling for an import ban on products made with child labor.
             and presented the petition to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien (Maclean's, 2). according.
             to human rights Nike is one of the least responsive companies but it isn't the only company that.

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