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Minority Report Summary

             Before it became a movie, Minority Report was a story published in the 1950s by an American author named Philip K. Dick. The author suffered from many psychological conditions such as agoraphobia and paranoia, many in which are apparent through the themes of many of his books. .
             Minority Report tells the story of John Anderton, an officer in a new experimental division of the Washington, D.C. Police, called the Department of Precrime, which was established in 2048. Anderton is the most experienced of all the Precrime officers and has worked in the unit since the very beginning.
             Precrime utilizes the gifts of three people, called Precognitives, that can see the future before it happens. The "Precogs" didn't receive their gifts naturally, however, instead they were the only the survivors of an attempt to scientifically alter humans to be able to see the future. Most of the test subjects died or went crazy. Before a murder happens, all three Precogs see it and report the name of the victim, the killer, and images of the murder (which gives Precrime officers enough time to figure out where the crime will happen) through data streams of the Precognitives.
             Since Precrime's establishment, the Washington D.C. area has had no murders in six years. Everyone thinks that the system is perfect.even the opponents of Precrime can't ignore the facts. The city IS a better place because of Precrime. .
             Everything is perfect until one day when the Precogs report a crime that is to happen in forty hours. The problem? The killer is John Anderton! John looks over to see one of his friends staring at him. He says "You've been good to me, I'll give you two minutes before I sound the alarm." Then John begins running.
             "How could this be?" Anderton wonders. He had never even heard of the man that he would supposidly kill in less than two days. His friends that had worked along beside him for years were now the ones after him.

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