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Corporal Punishment Article

            Twenty-seven states prohibit corporal punishment in public schools, and many school districts or individual schools have chosen not to use it. There are seven major reasons against the use of corporal punishment. "It is ineffective, it can lead to abuse, it can unintentionally cause serious physical damage, it trains a child to use violence, slapping or any other type of force used on the buttocks is a sexual violation, spanking lowers a child's IQ, and spanking creates fear in the child".
             Jeff Charles (2000) examined much research on the effects of corporal punishment and its effect on school items. Charles reported that in the "top 10" paddling states, no positive outcomes could be found. The "top 10" included: Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. Seven of these states have below average graduation rates. The SAT scores and the crime statistics in these states showed no significant improvement when compared to states where corporal punishment is not allowed. Five of the states have higher teen pregnancy rates than the national average. .
             Other research shows that corporal punishment is ineffective, leads to sexual abuse, causes physical damage, trains a child to use violence, and can lower a child's IQ. (Benatar, 1998; Hyman, 1997; Lefkowitz, 1977; Greven, 1990; Straus, 1999; Wilson & .
             Herrnstein, 1986; Vockell, 1991). Research also shows that paddlings are given more regularly to male students and to minority students. .
             Despite all of its negative outcomes, corporal punishment does have some advantages. One advantage is the student perceives the event as unpleasant; however, this advantage does have limitations. Another positive is, corporal punishment can be administered quickly and be over with quickly, and it is a very clear, specific and obvious consequence. (Vockell, 1991). (http://www.corpun.com/yancey.htm).
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