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Does Spanking Lead Children to

            Is the spanking of a child going to lead to further violence later in life? No, it will not. Trumbull and Ravenel try to explain how spanking can be used to help prevent further incidences with a child. They also explain, with the help of scientific evidence, how a child is not physically or emotional scared for life, with the use of spanking at a young age. Through the examination of Straus's research, Trumbull and Ravenel rebuttal his arguments because the misinterpretation he has of his own findings. Throughout the rebuttal, Trumbull and Ravenel clarify the idea that spanking is not a form of abuse but rather a sign of serious affection. If the child is spanked, for good reason and explained why he/she received the punishment, then the child is less likely to repeat the act. In return the child will also grow a closer bond with the parent. Along with their own opinion, Trumbull and Ravenel use scientific evidence to show how Straus uses misconception in his own research to prove that spanking is not a form of abuse. .
             Through the examination of the article, the two main points that Trumbull and Ravenel argue are; spanking is not a form of abuse when used properly, and knowing the appropriate time to use spanking. "Spanking is one of many disciplinary responses available to parents intended to shape appropriate behavior in the developing toddler and child" (Trumbull and Ravenel). Even though spanking is widely used by parents, Straus categorizes spanking under corporal punishment. Trumbull and Ravenel point out that under the definition of corporal punishment lies hitting, kicking, punching, face slapping and starvation. But none of these things come remotely close to actual spanking. In our own society (United States), the only acceptable form of corporal punishment is spanking. Abuse can be observed through any other form of corporal punishment. In the research collected by Straus, most of the studies included all of the forms of corporal punishment were included.

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