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The Effects of Spanking Children

             Disciplining children by means of spanking is a controversial subject. Researchers on one side of the debate believe spanking is a necessary part of raising a well-behaved child; their opinion is based on the belief that spanking is effective, claiming that children who are spanked behave better than those who aren't spanked. On the other side, it's proven that spanking a child can be harmful both physically and emotionally, leading to increased aggressiveness, antisocial behaviors and delinquency. These aspects have been some of the factors supporting each clause. The finding in the paper will look at the importance of both arguments collectively. However based on findings, there are factors that still need to be considered on actually causation.
             The Effects of Spanking Children.
             For the past 37 years, there have been some debates between negative effects and positive effects related to spanking of children (Straus, 2001). Throughout the years there were claims of positive correlation, then that evolved into negative correlations, and eventually there were researchers in the middle between both. Now, the recent research finding indicates that there is a strong correlation between spanking children that increases aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviors, antisocial behaviors, and delinquency in long term (University of Texas, Dallas, 2005). .
             The debates between for and against spanking children is detrimental, brings about questions relating to the human condition. The overall knowledge related to spanking of children and its impact on them is infinite. Opposing the vast population, the literature also leaves room for much to be desired as it relates to determination. Thus, when the questions is limited specially to spanking and the impact it can cause those reviewing research will find literature and date are limited.
             However, the conclusion from the few studies specific to spanking children do fall in line with the assumptions of data expose.

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