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Should Parents Spank?

             To spank or not to spank that is the question! Society wants parents to have flexibility in raising their children, but no one wants discipline to turn into child abuse. Parents should be able to decide whether they spank their children or choose to use alternatives. Although spanking isn't illegal, there is an extent at which parents can go when disciplining their children.
             The definition of spanking is described as hitting with the flat of the hand usually on the buttocks for punishment or for stopping behaviour, with one rule. It does not cause lasting injury. When used effectively, spanking children can make them temporarily more compliant. Spanking or the corporal punishment of children is legal in every state. In fact there are many states that continue to allow those in authority, who are not parents or guardians, to use corporal punishment against children. The majority of people, both men and women, continue to condone the spanking of children. Such a swat is a parent's explanation point. It conveys to the child a demand for attention and can emphasize a parent's message. Kids like to watch parents get upset. It relieves boredom. Think how much power that gives a child over a grownup. All two year olds are power hungry creatures. A reasonable approach is to give a two year old plenty of attention when he is behaving appropriately and to remain calm when providing discipline. The absence of spanking might cause the child to turn out even worse then if not spanked. It is not harmless and only a small percentage of spanked children experience visually harmful effects.
             Spanking runs along a societal fault line where rights of parents conflict with the rights of their children. By spanking your children you raise the risk your children will become aggressive, antisocial, and chronically defiant. It also results in delinquency, the failure to learn right from wrong. Parents should try to use non-physical punishments to reduce the amount of spanking that occurs.

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