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             During the last two weeks we have had many discussions about parenting. We also have had some serious arguments concerning parenting. Many people believe there are many different ways to raise a child, but there are so many different circumstances to examine here. Should you spank your child? Should you let your kid drink at home under your supervision or do you make them hide and go to one of their friend's house and do the same thing? Do you let your sixteen year old daughter go on Spring Break with a parent, or even let them go at all? These are all very controversial issues among us teenagers. I believe most people will change their views as we grow and mature.
             Should you spank your child, my answer was yes at the beginning of our discussion. I know a spanking worked on me, but was I sure it would work on everyone else. I soon then found out that many people react differently to certain punishments. I do have to admit that the kids that were spanked said that it definitely works. My views changed on this subject because Johnny mentioned punishing your child just depends on how your child is. One child might listen better when you sit them down and explain it to them, and the other type of child you might have to spank or give them an occasionally charley horse. I think my dad was forced to do that a couple of times, but I do not resent him for that.
             Would I let my kid drink at home? I would never let my child drink in front of me or even want to know that they were drinking in my house. I think it is very disrespectful to let your kid and their friends take advantage of you as a parent by letting them drink. I know it is cool when you"re in high school to see your friend's parents drinking with you and your friends. I know will never be that type of parent because it makes it harder for you to discipline your child, and it also sets a bad example for your child.

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