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            Many couples have the opportunity to have children. Though in some cases it might not be the same way. For instance, you could be come pregnant have your child and raise it. Another way would be to adopt a child and raise it as your own. Each family needs to decide on what's best for their situation. In each case the similarities and difference will ultimately help in making your decision that will affect you life forever. .
             The very first and most important similarity is that the child needs to be loved. The child also needs to be nurtured and cared for. If you are a birth parent your child must come first. If you are an adopted parent your child must come first. The way you express yourself to this child will affect him or her their whole life. .
             The second similaritie is that you"re a parent either way, wether you give birth or if you adopt you are still legally a parent. The decision to become parents should be made very cautiously, if you are not very responsible you might reconsider. The responsibility of parenthood never goes away, it's there from day one and does not go away till they die. .
             Some differences in the two are very easy to point out. For example the most easy to pin point is the fact that as a natural parent you made this child, you gave birth to this child. If you adopt a child you did not make this child and there fore you did not give birth to it. You went and choose your child from an agency. .
             Secondly, as an birth parent you don't get screened before getting pregnant. The are no steps you must take to have this child. As an adopted parent you are screened, every aspect of your life is looked at. The process to become an adopted parent could be quite lenghthy. This is.
             one of the reasons a lot of couples prefer to have their own children. .
             So as you see today there are many things that must be considered before you make you decision on weather you should be an adopted parent or have children of your own.

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