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War has shaped the United States

            The United Sates we know today has been shaped by many events throughout history. Some have been political, some technological but none have shaped America as much as war and military conflict. Events like the Revolutionary War and the Civil War have been the most influential events in our countries history. These wars granted us our independence and also began the fight for equal opportunity for all mankind. Also both of the world wars helped stimulate the American economy, which was taking a turn for the worst. Without fighting these wars our country would be a much different place than it is today. We might not even be in a situation to call our selves a democracy today if not for the battles we had won in the past. .
             When people think of what event in American history has had the greatest impact on our country, it is without question that the American Revolution. A war to become our own nation, a war to break away from a mother country whose government was out to smuggle the new colonies of all their freedoms. In 1775 the thirteen colonies took to arms against a foe, which was internationally known as a military powerhouse. This war would change America forever. The fighting did not start right away. There were many underlying issues, which brought about he war that are sometimes overlooked. For instance, when the settlers took the land along the east coast, there was a serious drive to move inward for extra space however this was not possible because of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 which said all areas west of the Appalachians were "reserved" for the native Americans (American Rev. 1). To follow up on Britain's strangle hold on the colonies, in 1764 Britain successfully passed the Sugar Acts, which were aimed strictly at raising American funds for the British crown, increasing the duties on good imported to America that were not of British origin (American Rev. 1). Britain followed the Sugar Act with the Currency Act.

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