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The Dalton Gang

             As the band of ruthless outlaws entered Coffeyville, the town knew trouble was in the air.
             Lives would be lost and with money on the line the Dalton Gang would stop at nothing to complete their daunting task. To better understand the true nature of the Dalton gang, certain aspects of their family history, the robbery in Coffeyville, and the life of the survivors in the famous shootout must be properly portrayed. Being one of the last gangs of the "Wild West" only meliorated their image as brutal and heartless thugs. Outlaws throughout history have been seen as slippery bandits that take the hard earned money of the citizens to fill their wallets and to support the shameful habits of a criminal. "Blood is thicker than water" and the Dalton gang lived this famous quote to the bitter and tragic end.
             The brothers of the Dalton Gang consisted of Emmett "Em" Dalton (1871-13 Jul. 1937), Franklin "Frank" Dalton (1864?- 27 Nov. 1887), Grattan "Grat" Dalton (1861- 5 Oct. 1892), Robert "Bob" Renick Dalton (1870- 5 Oct. 1892), William "Bill" Marion Dalton (1863- 1894) ("Family History" 1). Emmett Dalton was born in Cass County, Mo. His spouse was Julia Ann Johnson. Franklin Dalton was born in Jackson County, Mo. His wife was Nancy E. Kestesson. Grattan Dalton was born in Douglas County, KS. His wife was Mary Hughes. Robert Dalton was born in Cass County, Mo. His spouse was Lucy Ann Johnson, she was the sister of Julia Ann Johnson who was Emmett's wife. William Dalton was born in Cass County, Mo. His wife was Jane "Jennie" Bliven. James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger were the parents of the five Dalton boys in the gang. William St. Power, Bill Doolin, Charlie Pierce, George Newcomb, Charlie Bryant and Richard "Dick" Broadwell were also members of the Dalton Gang.
             Tim Hrenchir from the Topeka Capital-Journal stated:.
             The Dalton brothers grew up as cousins of the younger brothers, fellow outlaws who rode with Frank and Jesse James in the 1870's.

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