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A Great Man Cannot Be Overly Cautious

            It has been said that a great man cannot be overly cautious. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your point of view with examples from your observation, experience, reading, or study of history.
             Concerning whether or not a great man can be overly cautious I believe that everyone can reach success regardless of personal characteristics. However, one must bear in mind that excess of care in taking decisions is harmful for the reasons that follow. .
             First, the advances of technology have set up a brand new pace to our lives making opportunities come and go in a minute, demanding speed of thought. Second, the more one reasons about a situation, the more obstacles and details, delaying the solution. .
             Although the reasons presented above let may lead the reader to think that only those dauntless and practical can succeed in life, I would like to stress that excessively prudent people can take important positions as well. To illustrate my point of view, Arminio Fraga - former Brazilian central bank president - is was extremely cautious with his words each time he disclosed any of the Bank's decisions. Otherwise misunderstandings could occur causing damages to the country's economy. .
             I partly agree with the saying, for the current pace of life demands speed in decision making. However, there will always exist those situations and professions in which prudence will be the key factor for success. .
             As a result, no matter if excessively practical or skeptical, anyone can achieve important positions in the workplace. It will only depend on finding the corresponding job to one's personelity. .

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