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What are Geisha?

             What is a geisha? Many Westerners assume that geishas are simply prostitutes of another cultural form, in this case the Japanese culture; however that belief is not particularly true, when comparing Western prostitutes to Japanese geishas. .
             WHAT ARE GEISHA?.
             In the Japanese language the word geisha basically translates into performer of the people, "Gei" meaning art or performance and "Sha" meaning people. [ Shizuko Mishima .
             ] Geishas are basically skilled hostesses. They are trained to entertain guests through many of the traditional Japanese arts such as Japanese ancient dance, singing, playing the shamisen, flower display, kimono bearing, tea ceremony, calligraphy, conversation, and alcohol presentation. .
             After reading this, one may wonder why, Westerners tend to believe geishas are the Japanese answer to prostitution, because it seems geisha are not performing any of the actions, Western prostitutes carry out. Well, besides entertaining guests through various Japanese art forms, Geisha also possess relations with usually one man, her benefactor, which in Japanese terms is known as a danna. A danna is the supporter of the geisha he assists her mainly financially as in buying the geisha kimonos, paying for her training and buying her gifts, etc. In return, the geisha supports her danna emotionally and sexually. She may have had previous relations with other men by her choice, but if a geisha is supported by a danna she is solely committed to him. However support in any way of a geisha, especially sexually is based on the geisha's decision alone. Whether geishas perform sexually or not, they get paid for their acting as hostesses and performing abilities. However to be a profitable geisha, the geisha must possess beauty, poise, elegance, artistic talent, charisma, immaculate manners, and refinement. .

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