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Tale of Two Cities

             In Charles Dickens" A Tale of Two Cities the characters of Sidney Carton and Charles Darnay are similar in many respects. Carton and Darnay are often in the same scenes in the novel and although they are from different countries they are closely related. Carton and Darnay not only look almost exactly alike, but they also both love the same woman and provide for her the best they can. Carton and Darnay are depicted by Dickens throughout the novel as similar characters.
             The most obvious of ways to compare Sidney Carton and Charles Darnay is by their appearance. Carton and Darnay look so much alike in fact that Darnay is acquitted of a crime because the point was made that Carton, who was in the courtroom at the time, looked so similar to Darnay that they could have easily been mistaken for one another. Also, Carton ultimately gives his life in place of Darnay which he could not do without their appearances being so similar.
             Sidney Carton and Charles Darnay are also linked in the novel for another reason. They both love Lucie Manette. The two men come from completely different backgrounds and lead completely different lifestyles but they are both in love with Lucie. Both men express their love for Lucie and despite the fact that Lucie chooses Darnay to be her husband, they both act as providers for Lucie.
             Both Darnay and Carton not only love Lucie but they also provide for her in their own unique ways. Darnay is Lucie's husband so he obviously provides for her financially, emotionally, and provides her with children. Carton is only a friend of Lucie and her family but he also provides for Lucie. Carton provides his life in place of Darnay but he does it out of love for Lucie so she can still be with her husband. In his death, Carton is the inspiration for the name, Sidney, of Lucie's third child. Darnay and Carton both look after Lucie in and provide for her need the best that they can.

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