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Whitman and Beat! Beat! Drums!

            The poem Beat! Beat! Drums! by Walt Whitman describes the horrors of war to the reader. The poem gives the reader the idea that war is devastating to everyone because war only results in death. Death is terrible because losing another human being will not leave a cheerful image in the mind of the reader. By analyzing the content in the poem it enables the reader to understand how war not only affects the common workingmen, but also how war disturbs everyone from living his or her normal lives. .
             Walt Whitman uses many examples explaining how war can become dangerous to common people. But what kind of dangers can war bring to a person? Whitman just does not explain in simple words why war is so devastating, but uses different images that make war seem so terrible. .
             By analyzing the images in Beat! Beat! Drums! the reader finds out that Whitman believes the common man cannot live his/her life in peace with the idea of war in their minds. Whitman describes how war disturbs the common man's life in his poem Beat! Beat! Drums! in the quote "Nor the peaceful farmer any peace, ploughing his field or gathering his grain- War will destroy the regular way of life that is natural to the common man because war interferes with normal living. When Whitman says that the peaceful farmer will be receiving no peace, it explains to the reader that a civilian living his normal life will be engulfed by war, meaning that the farmer will need to change his daily life just because war will interfere with it. War being fought on the farmer's land will stand as his barrier from living his normal life. .
             After Whitman explained about how the farmer's life was interrupted he used another image to show how other jobholders cannot continue with their life. When he states, "No bargainers' bargains by day -- no brokers or speculators -- would they continue? Would the talkers be talking? Would the singer attempt to sing? Would the lawyer rise in the court to state his case before the judge," he is talking about how war will change the way one may think about how to continue living his/her life.

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