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The Giver

             Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo. .
             After running further and further into Elsewhere Jonas" memory of cold was starting to fade, with the pilots still circling overhead, they started to pick up his heat signal. Jonas couldn't help it and he knew they where going to get him. By that time he had lost most of the memories The Giver had gave him and had been released into the community. He had lost all of them except for one speed. With Gabe in his hands he ran as fast as he could. Reaching over 20 mph the worst thing could happen, he tripped. Slamming to the ground, skidding on his face about 30 feet. He tried to get up but was unable to, while Gabe was fine. He had no will power after that. He had to lay there with Gabe, just waiting for their destined fate. The pilots came and hand cuffed Jonas and carried Gabe back into the plane. Bringing them back to the Elders they have came up with a different punishment, they thought this one was way past a punishment of being released. They thought the only punishment suitable was violence. Therefore The Giver, Jonas, and Gabe where all ordered to be shot by a firing squad for releasing chaos onto the community, and for retreating from the contract of your assignment of staying with the job.

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