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Elections of 1876 and 200

            The elections of 1876 and 2000 parallel each other in certain ways, but also .
             In this essay I will introduce some of the differences, not .
             so meaningful similarities and the similarities that show us that history is doomed .
             to repeat itself.
             The biggest similarity would have to be theat Hayes and Bush won by .
             electoral votes only, when Tilden and Gore should have been the ones to win the .
             1876 and 2000 presidency. The reason this occurred was because of the disputed .
             votes from Florida and a few other states, though Florida played the big offender. .
             In the 1876 election, there was evidence of voter fraud in Florida. In one county .
             alone, 27,0000 ballots were voided, and in another county 19,000 ballots were .
             thrown out. In the 2000 election in Florida, the elderly people didn"t know how to .
             use their ballots, so when they went to vote, they didn"t vote right, and obviously .
             that messed everything up.
             Another similarity is the fact that one candidate won the popular votes, and .
             the other candidate won the electoral votes. For someone to win the presidency, .
             they usually have to win both the electoral and popular votes. In the 1876 election .
             Tilden won the popular vote, Hayes won the electoral vote, making him president. .
             In the 2000 election, Gore won the popular vote, and Bush won the electoral vote, .
             making him president. .
             There are also little similarities like both elections were held on the exact .
             same day, November 7th. Also, both men to win the presidency were Republicans. .
             During these two elections, newspaper sales went up because the public was .
             watching everything very closely.
             A major difference that reflects the "political culture" was the involvement .
             of the Supreme Court. For the 1876 election, an ad hoc process was used to .
             resolve the dispute between the two candidates. For the 2000 election, the court .
             stepped in to resolve the dispute before any more damage was caused, and they .

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