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Coping with Rejection

             "The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself".
             First, we should say that rejection comes in many forms and by many people. It could be a parent, a love, a loved one or someone you consider a friend, an acquaintance, co-workers, even social group members. Rejection can come from potential employers, a creditor or we can even be rejected by universities, volunteer programs and even as adoptive parents. It seems that no matter where it comes from -- rejection hurts. Rejection hurts whether it is your first time or not, if you are not careful this could spin into a spiral of self-doubt and self-hatred. .
             Research has shown that rejection from a parent is one of the hardest to come to terms with. Parental rejection can come in the form of disapproval, emotional distance or just from them not being a part of your life. When rejections comes from a parent, the child normally wonders what it is that they did wrong, why the parents does not like them or want to be with them. Sometimes we never come to terms with why our parents are not active in our lives. People tell us that it is not our fault, that we need to move on, but that is a hard thing to do. Over time we learn to let go of the dream that one day they might change, that they might want to be around us, that they may become that parent we have always wished for. We learn that it is not our fault but theirs and that we are not bad people because of a decision made by the parent .
             Rejection from someone we love can be quite painful too. This type of rejection can make you second-guess yourself. You begin to ask yourself questions like what else could I have done to make the relationship work. Was it really my fault, why didn't I know that he/she did not like that, you even ask yourself will I ever find that one person, that will make me complete, make my life worth living. When we believe or feel that we have given someone our heart and our souls and they have taken them and thrown them away like trash, we feel hurt and betrayed.

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