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Computer virus

             What are the problems in computer security? Computer security is one of the major issues in our technology world today. Computer professionals are not only dealing with computer ethics but also confront with computer virus, worms, intrusion and hacking. However, virus and worms has been criticized many software vendors, internets server and end users over the period of decades. Almost every year, virus and worms strikes repeatedly through the internet around the world and cost enormous amount money and time recovery which is depend on widely spreading. Many IT professional try to find the many different solutions to detect from infection.
             There are so many doubt questions when the word "virus" is tried to define. What is computer virus? A computer virus is a pieces program that has been written to intrude secretly into computer system to delete your files and data or infect your system as much as possible. In the other hand, it's possible to steal your personal information such as credit card number or financial scam. However, how the virus infect? The infection processing depends on how the author" virus objective. The basic processing usually enters parts of an infected program file such as "Com, Exe, and boot sector". Floppy disk was the most common tool for viruses spreading through computers for the last decades. Today, the viruses are usually downloaded from the network or attachment on an email message. The viruses usually can't infect itself because virus is a program must be run to become an active. Once it" active, the virus lives in your PC and is hidden within another programs or files, and it launched that files with a virus code to make your file unreadable. .
             There is a variety thousand viruses and worms are written every day, but there were three big infective viruses recently which are called "Mydoom, Sobig-F, and Slammer". According to Computer Emergency Respond Emergency, W32/mydoom was the scariest virus in recent.

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