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            Three virus detection software packages:.
             This is designed for workstations and servers and has been designed to block all forms of computer viruses. Since VisNetic is able to monitor every drive on a computer and all incoming email, it is able to defend against every method of virus delivery. Using a combination of scheduled scans, file specific user trigger scans and the built in script checker and code analyzer, provides complete defense.
             Symantec Norton Antivirus.
             Scans and cleans instant-message attachments as well as email messages. It removes viruses automatically, without interrupting your work. Detects and blocks viruses in instant message attachments. Automatically removes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Scans and cleans both incoming and outgoing email messages. Downloads new viruses definitions automatically to protect against new viruses. Has script blocking and worm blocking can detect new threats even before viruses definitions are created for them.
             McAfee Virus Scan.
             The best defense against dangerous PC threats, such as viruses hidden in emails or lurking in your favorite websites, and more. McAfee VirusScan is also the only anti-virus program with an integrated personal firewall, which protects your computer from hackers.
             Macro virus are computer viruses that use an application's own macro programming language to distribute themselves. These macros have the potential to inflict damage to the document or other computer software. These macro viruses can infect Word files, as well as any other application that uses a programming language. Macro viruses do not infect your programs they infect documents and templates. Opening a document or a template that contains a macro virus will infect your system and the virus will spread to other documents and templates you may have on your system. An infected file can be obtained through any of the following sources: Disks, networks, email attachments, modems and the internet.

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