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Ronaldo and Pelé, an example for all

            Its really cool to see "The King- Pelé hugging and kissing the new great players that Brazil has now after Brazil won the World Cup. Especially Ronaldo who after two surgeries on his knee was able to get back in the field and play. It show that he has heart for going out there on the field to play one week before the World Cup started just so he could try to get a position on the team. That shows a lot of heart for someone who didn't play for two years because of his knee, to see Pelé always talking to him and helping him its really good.
             Ronaldo scored twice on the finals against Germany and gave made Brazil the only country that is five World Cup Champion. Ronaldo is now tied to Pelé's national record of 12 goals after scoring eight times on this Cup. Ronaldo who is only 25 years old is now the third-highest scorer in Cup history. And what is even better news for Brazilians is that Ronaldo can still play about two more World Cups.
             After the game was over Ronaldo said, "That those two goals was dedicated for his family and for his physiotherapist who knew that they would be in this Cup right now(Ronaldo)."" This was a great thing winning the Cup because before the Cup started Brazilians were very angry because the team wasn't playing as good as they always did. .
             But the good thing is that we turned around and beat the best teams in the world. And it will now shut everyone's mouth before they say anything bad about our soccer players and teams. Brazilians are so fanatic about soccer that the Sunday Mass was delayed so we, the fans could watch our victory.
             I agreed with all of this that has happened up to now but I don't agree with Roberto Miranda da Silva who said, "Ronaldo is the new Pelé(Silva 1)."" My god, how can he ever think about comparing "The King- Pelé to Ronaldo? Pelé is the best soccer player that has ever lived. He was elected the player of the millennium.

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