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Mexican Cuisine

             In this presentation I have chosen to discuss Mexican Cuisine. My paragraphs will give you a look of what Mexican people ate in per-Columbus times. My three informational paragraphs will include topics such as; what chilies are what they are eaten with and how to serve them. My next paragraph will talk about what the tortillas is, what it is made of and what it looks like. My last informational paragraph I will tell you about what the Mexican people liked to eat before Christopher Columbus founded America.
             The most characteristic featured food of Mexican cooking is the Chili. Many Mexican cultures eat chilies raw, which can be stuffed and baked made in to stew and chopped with tomatoes, herb and oils for salsa. Chilies can also be minced and used as a seasoning. Some people wonder what a chili is, well a chili is that spicy taste you usually get when you take a chip and dip it in to the salsa. The hotness of the salsa is determined by how much chili is used, weather it is Mild, Hot, or Extra spicy. Though salsa is not the only thing that is made from chilies. Chicken wings have chilies in the sauce that make them Mild or hot. There are about 100 varieties, many which have hot pungent tastes.
             The tortilla is the most common known bread of Mexican cooking. Many Mexican families serve tortillas with their meals. A tortilla is a flat round bread usually made of wheat flour as well as a variety of leavened breads. Back when Christopher Columbus sailed the oceans blue, the tortilla was made by hand over a fire until it was just right. It took at least 3 hours to make the tortillas. They had to make the ingredients, mush them all together then flatten the bread and cook over a fire until done.
             Mexican Cuisine can be rooted back to it's pre-Columbian past and nurtured be centuries of Spanish influence. Even before Christopher Columbus founded America, the Mexican people lived on diets such as; Squash, corn (maize), and bean supplements.

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