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Jimmy Hoffa

             I am James Riddle Hoffa, better known as Jimmy Hoffa. I was born in Brazil, Indiana in 1913. At a young age, my father died and I decided to move to Detroit where I worked in a warehouse. Disgusted by the poor working conditions and pay, I began to speak out and organized my first group, at the age of twenty, called "swampers" which were workers in charge of loading and unloading produce. I was soon apart of the Teamsters Union and was quickly advancing. I was dedicated to my job and was out on the streets talking to fellow workers and convincing them to join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. I later became president and during my time as president I began doing business with the mob. The mob had the muscle and strength that I needed, in order for my strikes to be taken seriously, but in return I had to give them money and lots of it. I began taking the money out of the Union funds, which was illegal on my part. The FBI was after me for years trying to get me put in jail for violence, fraud, and misuse of Union money. They hadn't succeeded until in 1964 when they accused me of misusing $1.7 million dollars. I was sentenced to 14 years in jail but only served 5 because the man I left in charge to be president while I was gone, Fitzsimmons, talked to Richard Nixon about shortening my sentence. While in jail, I made closer ties with mobster, Tony "Pro" Provenzano. "Pro" controlled most of Local 560, a corrupt local. "Pro" and I slowly grew apart and we had gotten in a fight at an airport at one time. .
             I had a wife named Josephine and 2 children, Barbara and Young James. When I left to go met Tony "pro" Provenzano and "Jack" Giacalone at Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, my wife noticed I was a little off edge. We were going to talk about me running for president of the teamsters again. I was wearing a dark blue short-sleeve shirt, blue pants, white socks, and black Gucci loafers.

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