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Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time

             It was one of those lazy care free summer weekends that makes life so wonderful, one of those days when you could feel summer with every breath and would appreciate even the feel of heat radiating off blacktop. I lay in the hammock in the side yard enjoying the peaceful summer breeze without a care in the world gently swaying back and forth. What a peaceful start to such a horrific day.
             It was around noon when my pager went off for the local volunteer fire department. It's a cross between being at the top of the roller coaster and the first day of school, finished with a surge of adrenaline every time I herd those series of loud beeps. I eagerly waited for the dispatcher to come on the air and inform of the nature of the call. My heart raced as I herd of the possible structure fire at county rout 29 and O"Brien road. I filled with excitement and worry as I ran from the side yard to my truck in the driveway. If this was a structure fire I would surly be on the first truck out of the station living only a half a mile away. I got into my truck and raced down the road with only the sound of the engine and the winning sound of my blue light on the roof. .
             The smell of engine and brakes hung heavy the air as opened my car door and ran from my truck to my locker in the fire house. I stepped into my bunker gear and as I pulled up on my pants that familiar smell of fire hit me and a slight smile came over me. I finished up putting on my gear and walked over to the first piece due and got in the officers seat. It only took about a minute in a half till there were enough firefighters to leave the bay doors and respond to the call. We pulled out onto the pavement and hit the cue and turned on the lights. We were about half way to the scene when are chief radioed us and confirmed a working fire in a possible occupied structure. I went ahead and started to put on my Scott pack knowing I would be on the first hose line in the door upon arrival.

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