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Imaginative Journey

            The imaginative journey expands your ways of thinking and perception of yourself and the world.
             around you by learning more about yourself and who you are. The imaginative journey is one of.
             self discovery, and the story of this journey can be told using imagery of reality and nature to.
             describe the experiences undergone during the journey. The metaphor of nature for the.
             imagination is used in The Road Not Taken1, Journey to the Interior2, and Wherever I May.
             Roam3, with the "cover" story of all three pieces being of a journey through natural, untamed.
             scenery. In all three texts, the choices made were made without input from other people, the.
             person undertaking the journey having to rely on their imagination to make the right decisions for.
             them. The journeys are made without a prearranged or set course to follow, with no rules, no.
             restraints so the imagination can take a person anywhere they choose to go. During the.
             imaginative journey, a person learns about themselves and also becomes free to be themselves, to.
             make their own decisions and prepares them for further journeys. Another thing learned from a.
             journey of the imagination is that someone cannot simply journey into their own thoughts and.
             imagination and choose not to return, that it is important not to get lost in oneself but to return to.
             reality before insanity sets in. The end of all three journeys contains a sense of completion, of.
             satisfaction and confidence that the right decisions have been made.
             By using a "cover" or "surface" story, the authors have communicated the deeper meaning.
             of the texts with the audience, all three using a physical representation of the journey through the.
             mind as being a journey through natural landscapes. In The Road Not Taken, Frost uses the.
             images of an autumn wood and a place where the road he is travelling splits in two. The autumn.
             wood suggests that he may have been travelling this road for some time, and that perhaps his.

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