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Imaginative Journeys

             Practice speech.
             Every person in the world today has needs. These range from the basic eating and sleeping to things such as entertainment and socialising. Shakespeare, Incredible at putting the human mind and feelings into writing has defined the lust for freedom. Imagine being caged, the same boring conformitive life everyday, who in their right mind would want something like this? But at the same time we need grip and control of things to a degree. These things can lead to power and that too greed. This is what drives most evil characters in novels and movies. It is the beginning of a journey, the imaginative journey. .
             What is our core? What makes us tick? Our need for imagination. Our need to go further, break free from reality. The imagination is our key to other worlds. It can start dreams and goals. It is the essence of our thoughts, without it there would be no techonological advancement. The imagination is pontent. William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" enlightens us to this. .
             Have you ever questioned things a political figure has done? I"m positive you have, the very rules which dictate our lives are sure to have been pondered on more than once. Gonzalo an insightful counsellor to Alonso makes a judgement on the rules of his kingdom, he questions the boundaries which have held their kingdom together for so long. To do such things, Gonzalo fantasises a Utopia, his own community. Letting himself slide into an imaginative journey where his mind divulges what he would see as perfection for a society. .
             As Gonzalo lets his mind wander, he starts thinking aloud.
             "No kind of traffic. No kind of magistrate. No use of metal, corn, or wine, or oil; No occupation. No sovereignty -".
             Here we can see all the things Gonzalo sees as unneeded in his regular life. The use of repetition is evident, using the word "No" to constantly state what he wants to rid his world of. .
             "I" the commonwealth I would be contraries.

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