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Plastic Surgery

             Living in a society where everyone is practically judged by image, why do some people question the assets behind plastic surgery? Girls want to have the body like Britney Spears and the guys want the body of Brad Pitt because in the eyes of the general public to be "beautiful" you have to look like them. If a teenager is growing up over weight more than likely they have been teased by peers and often wanted to change something about themselves. I ask this, if it is wrong to change "what God gave you" then people should be looked differently upon if they dye their hair or go tanning. Plastic surgery is changing something about ones self that they don't like. Whether it is for bigger breasts in females or larger calves in males it can basically be correlated along with the simple act of dying ones hair.
             It is hard growing up with something about yourself that you do not like. On covers of practically every magazine we see physically fit and beautiful male and female models. That sends the message to viewers; "This is beautiful. Look like this to fit in." Being thin and in shape is shoved down our throats every day, so I say to those who aspire to look like the models, use everything our society has to offer. Most people do know that diets do not always work, and when one is desperate to flake off their excess pounds there should be no negativity when it comes to their choice of getting an operation to make themselves feel better about how they look.
             A twenty-four year old woman from British Columbia Canada was very satisfied with her almost perfect body. She had the height and the great legs, but her stomach was just not appealing to her eyes. She had tried every diet and nothing seemed to work. She had cut back on her red meat intake and stuck to the boneless skinless chicken breasts and in the course of ten weeks she had only lost three inches around her waist. Due to this she had become quite depressed and began looking into invasive operations that could help boost her self confidence.

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