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The History and Development of Modern Day Plastic Surgery

            The History and Development of Modern Day Plastic Surgery .
             Because mankind had continuously "sought fulfillment through self-improvement without the individual's pursuit of learning and illumination, each with his or her neighbors and more capable means to work, progress would stop" (Schnur). The history and development of modern day plastic surgery has flourished. .
             While plastic surgery was actually being preformed as early as 880 B.C. by means of skin grafts and often reconstruction surgery, it did not become effective until the late 1880's. In fact, John Mettauer began performing plastic surgery in 1827, when he did the first cleft palate operation in the United States with tools that he designed. However it was not until the World War of 1914 that plastic surgery really took off. .
             World War 1 advanced plastic surgery procedures in knowledge because of ghastly wounds inflicted on the battlefield. Doctors were appalled by the abundant amount of "shattered jaws, blow-off noses and lips and aping skull wounds" imposed by new warfare technology used in the war. Plastic surgery was not only used in the United States but in countries around the world such as Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary. .
             With the ending of an era by means of World War 1, World War 2 was rounding the corner. The usage of plastic surgery increased and, with the increase of usage, the skill also increased. The surgery was being performed on sailors, soldiers and air fighters alike. Also towards the end of the 1940s the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) steadily grew in membership, gaining over 150 surgeons in just over ten years. .
             Plastic surgery became more and more prominent during the 1960's. A new scientific development called silicone was invented. Silicone was originally used to fix skin imperfections but was now used to breast implants. The 1980's plastic surgery became popular in the public eye.

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