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            Most often, philosophers attempt to prove their many theories by making use of several examples or analogies. Yet, it is through these clever, everyday platforms that we, the average knowledge-seeking citizen, gain a true understanding of his or her intent. It allows us to incorporate our personal lives into the theory and as a result, further enhances its overall meaning. Therefore, when analyzing the theory of soft determinism, I have chosen to philosophically utilize a personal story with the intent of heightening its defense. At a very young age, children are presented with various toys with which to assist in their cognitive development. When I was a young girl, Barbie was the hottest toy on the market. Every girl fantasized over her long, blonde hair and her amazing sense of style. Yet, for reasons unknown, my parents led me away from the Barbie hysteria and introduced me to the imaginative world of the "Light Brite-. While other girls were putting together Barbie's new outfit for the day, I was making my own dreamlike scenes with colored, plastic pegs. Now, do not get me wrong, some of my best friends played with Barbie dolls and are no different from myself. However, the paths that we've had led after. .
             This crucial point is seemingly significant. It is here where the philosophy of determinism comes into effect. As I grew older, Barbie became more popular and toys such as the Light Brite grew dull. Yet, despite the accessibility of Barbie that surrounded me, I began to take an interest in athletics. I soon found myself joining the local soccer team (even though I was only one of three girls to participate), while my Barbie friends practiced their cheerleading moves. Again, I stress the importance of taking note that although the activities we entertained ourselves with were different, we basically lead our lives today with similar goals and aspirations in mind. I can honestly say, as well, that my parents allowed me to be a very independent child.

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