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Hamlet's Madness

            Going mad is when hallucinations become reality and your truth is not what it appears. It is also the action when you lose control of yourself to the point where you go on spontaneous accusations. However, going mad can be controlled up to a certain point and once someone has jumped off the cliff into madness, that person is lost. Hamlet goes through this madness after talking to his father's ghost while bystanders watch their conversation. His anger builds and at some points is controlled; nevertheless, loses this rage to madness during the play. Hamlet is mad not only in anger but in insanity as well. .
             Hamlet's reaction in the beginning of "Hamlet" mostly lies upon depression and sadness. He feels that his mother had married to early and that his father's death was not a mere accident. His feelings change after talking with his father's ghost which tells Hamlet "But know, thou noble youth, / The serpent that did sting thy father's life / Now wears his crown." After hearing this from his father's ghost he becomes angry even more at his mother, who has married this "serpent" barely a month after her husband's death. Yet, Hamlet feels a little excited knowing that he was right about his father's death, it was on purpose. Horatio asks Hamlet after his visit with the ghost, ""What news, my Lord?" [Hamlet replies,] "O, wonderful"". After telling his friends about his father, Hamlet would not reveal the secret because he knew that they "would reveal it". In spite of this, Hamlet is so enraged that he hallucinates his father saying swear after most of what Hamlet has to say; however, is still under control and not yet mad.
             After this section, Hamlet comes up with a plan to get the murderer Claudius to tell of or even show that he had killed Hamlet's father. The plan consists of great actors who have acted their entire life and yet Hamlet is so persistent that the play must be perfect with no over acting or under acting, knowing any mess up would ruin the play and Claudius would know.

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