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Hamlets Madness

             There are many factors in Shakespeare's Hamlet that lead us to think Hamlet is mad. Although if we really look into the reading and pay attention to little comments and gestures that he does throughout the play we come to a conclusion that he is just faking his insanity. Characters in the play accuse him of being mad for several reasons. Each one of them has his or her own theory to explain his so called madness. Hamlet's sanity is sprinkled throughout the whole play.
             Hamlet encounters the ghost in scene five of act one. First of all he does not seem stunned or surprised after seeing this spirit. Normally someone who comes across a ghost would either think he has gone mad or would just get scared and run off. Hamlet on the other hand speaks to the ghost as if he were just another character in the play. He listens to what the ghost has to say and from what he just heard he builds up plans and further thoughts to what may come about later on and what he should do. A second reason in this scene that would lead us to doubt his insanity is the fact that he was not in the least surprised when the ghost had told him what happened to his father and the real cause of his death. Hamlet already suspected someone who was close to the old throw holder had done something to the late king and that it was not just a sudden natural death. The ghost's information serves as a foundation that solidifies Hamlet's suspicions. The significance of all this is that Hamlet uses these reasons to compliment the fact that he wants people to think he is crazy. By doing that he buys himself more time to look into his father's death. Hamlet only pretends to be mad so that his plans will not be found out by Claudius, Polonius or any other person that may be suspicious of his actions. The ghost informs Hamlet of his father's murder and demands that Hamlet takes vengeance. Without the ghost, Hamlet's actions would seem much more insane.

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