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Winston Churchill

            Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is a very well known man who had a lot of .
             Churchill took a major role in setting the foundation of the welfare state in .
             Britain, he prepared the Royal Navy for world war I , and he helped settle the political boundaries .
             in the middle east after the war. Winston S. Churchill was a very important man who lived from .
             1874 to 1965. English on his fathers side and American on his mother's, Winston embraced both .
             of their qualities and inquired them into his political beliefs. Winston, being the descendant of the .
             1st Duke, came from richness, power, and achievement. Which would lead to his future success .
             and his world wide popularity.
             Winston Churchill went through a few schools in his life and he eventually stumbled into .
             journalism. On the outbreak of the South African War in 1899, he went out on to the battle fields .
             as a mere war correspondent for the London Morning Post, but within only months of his arrival .
             he was captured when accused of acting more like a soldier than a journalist, by the Boer officer, .
             Louis Botha. Winston was then taken to a prison camp in Pretoria, where he made a dramatic .
             escape and eventually traveled along the Portuguese East African boundaries back to the fighting .
             front in Natal. This astounding escape quickly made Winston world famous over night. He .
             described his excruciating experiences in a few journalistic books and then began his political .
             career where he made his first lecture tour in the United States. His proceeds and publicity from .
             the tours allowed him to enter parliament as a Conservative. He eventually came to disagree with .
             the conservatives and with the tariff proposals from Joseph Chamberlain, his alienation was .
             complete, and he then joined the Liberals, but was therefore unpopular with army authorities. "It .
             must be remembered that Sir Winston had throughout his life been unpopular among a large .
             section of that party, and never more so than when he was fighting appeasement," (Rowse,A.

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