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The Life of Winston Churchill

            There are few ever to walk the face of this Earth that had an impact on the world we live in quite like Winston Churchill. His stand against Hitler during World War II and strong friendship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt are what many Americans know him for today, but he was a fascinating man. Hopefully, after you read this paper, you'll have a much wider understanding of the type of man he was and what he stood for.
             Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on November 30, 1874, in the Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England. His father was Randolph Churchill, statesmen from England and his mother, Jeanette "Jennie" Churchill was from the United States. His grandmother, Frances, the Duchess of Marlborough, or as the book refers to her "Duchess Fanny" (Manchester, 111), at first did not approve of Winston's parents and the birth of young Winston, but once Fanny laid her eyes on him, she was in love with young Winston from first sight. She saw that the baby was cared for, as she hired a nanny to help take care of him, due to the fact that his royal family had obligations to take care of and work to do. She hired a single woman named Elizabeth Anne Everest from Kent when Winston was a month old. The book "The Last Lion: Visions of Glory" states that "in his solitary childhood and unhappy school days, Mrs. Everest was his comforter, his strength and stay, his one source of unfailing human understanding. She was the night light by his bed. She was security." (Manchester, 112). Churchill's stay in the palace was short lived, after his family was forced to move basically due to an affair Churchill's uncle had with the Edith, Lady of Aylesford. The family relocated in Dublin, Ireland, where Winston's father Randolph worked under Winston's grandfather, John Spencer-Churchill. After the family's move to Ireland, Winston's father began enrolling him in school.

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