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Sir Winston Churchill

             World War II will never be forgotten and will forever be studied as one of the most important, if not the most important events of the 20th century. It began in 1939 as a European conflict but would eventually widen to include almost every nation in the world. World War II ended in 1945, leaving a new world order and a new set of political leaders that had shaped the events and outcomes of the war and that had also been shaped by this event. However out of the many leaders that rose from these events none was more important to the success and survival of Great Britain during these turmoil filled year then Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill was a politician and Prime Minster of the United Kingdom during the years of WW II and is widely regarded as the single greatest British leader of the 20th century. More importantly though, Churchill is most famous for his leadership skill, courage under pressure, decisiveness, and enormous energy, which enabled him to lead his country through one of the most desperate struggles in British History.
             As stated before Churchill both was affected by the war and also helped shape it. First of church hill was granted the position of Prime Minster as a direct result of the conflict with Germany and its allies. Churchill started the war not as the Prime minister but as a member the war cabinet under the then prime Minster, Neville Chamberlain. However after Germany invasion of Holland and Belgium Chamberlain resigned as Prime Minister and Churchill was asked by King George VI to step in and fill the position. For the next five years of war Churchill life and actions would become a very important part of the history of the Second World War. Churchill himself would become the heart of the British resistance towards the onslaught of Hitler and his Nazi Regime. In this way the war directly affected the life of Churchill, but more importantly Churchill would help shape the war towards an allied victory.

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