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Musical West Side Story

            The article I am reviewing talks about the Musical West Side Story. The article is talking about how it is one of the most beloved musicals of all time and how it compares not only in story but in Greatness to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It talks briefly about the plot of the Musical. Then the article goes into the newest set of performers slated to bring this musical to a Providence stage and how they pull off the show very well.
             This article is important to the entertainment industry because all review type articles such as this one show us what the people we are trying to entertain feel about our job. I guess you could call this a report card of sorts for the people in the entertainment industry. A person in the business of entertainment could look at the reviews and judge what he has to change and what was good so that he can do even better the next time he works on entertainment. .
             This article is important to me because I am striving to get into the entertainment industry. These articles help look at the parts of the business and show me the different aspects of the business that I never even knew about. They show me the sides of the business that I want to work on and the sides that I want to stay away from. .
             As far as the article goes, it was very interesting because when I heard that West Side Story was coming to PPAC I was trying to decide weather or not to go and now I have made my decision. So that's just one example of the usefulness of these articles. .

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