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West Side Story

            For my extra credit project, I saw the play, "West Side Story". It is basically a 1950's version of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". It takes place in Manhattan, New York of the streets. It basically takes the audience into the world of the hard New York stet life, and the gangs that infest them. The plot focuses on two main rival gangs. They are the Puerto Rican Sharks, and the all American Jets. The Jets are angry because the Sharks are taking over their part of town. It is an endless dance of hate and war between these young boys. In the midst of all of this there is a love affair blossoming. After meeting unexpectedly at a dance at the city gym, Maria (a Puerto Rican, and sister of the main leader of the Sharks) and Tony (an ex member of the Jets) fall madly in love at first sight. But little do they know that it will start an even bigger controversy then that of territory on the streets. Tony and Maria meet secretly, and plan a wedding and continue their affair. On the streets the Jets and the Sharks continue to quarrel. In the end the Jets and the Sharks make a date and time for a rumble to decide who owns the turf once and for all. Tony goes to stop the rumble and he kills Maria's brother, after Maria's brother kills Tony's best friend and leader of the Jets. Then Tony is shot and Maria is left in the middle of the blood and fighting. She opens everyone's eyes to what had been happening and everyone exit's the stage together, in peace. .
             The main characters are as follows:.
             Tony: He is an ex member of the Jets He and Riff (the leader of the Jets) are best friends. He is starting to get his life together and trying to forget about what the gang. Everything is fine until he meets his love, Maria. .
             Maria: Young, beautiful Puerto Rican girl just out of her country, who is very new and oblivious to the dangerous street life. She is the sister of Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks. .
             Riff: Leader of the Jets.

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