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Pearl harbor

             "I fear we will awaken a sleeping giant.
             Those words were said by Yamamoto after the attack to Pearl Harbor. Which by cause and effect principle it led the United States to go to war. The movie "Pearl Harbor" is inspired on the real facts that happened December 7, 1941, this essay will highlight both the true and the false events that happened all along the movie. This essay will also highlight important people and facts that were used on the movie.
             It all started in 1931 when the Japanese invaded China, as a result in 1937 they attacked it and that attack caused friction between the United States and Japan, because they were trying to control the Japanese in a diplomatic and economic way without using military force. Then in 1941 the Japanese government gave false promises of peace and they strategically devised a plan to attack the United States. The object for that plan was to immobilize the pacific fleet so that the United States could not interfere with the Japanese invasion over China. Japan led way to their attack in November 26, 1941 sending an attack fleet of 33 warships, that would arrive to Hawaii by December 7, 1941. .
             On Sunday December 7, 1941, 350 Japanese aircraft sank or badly damaged 21 ships anchored at Pearl Harbor, including eight battleships. All but the Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah were repaired. About 200 American planes were destroyed, and another 150 damaged. 2,400 Americans died including 1,177 on the Arizona, and Oahu's hospitals were filled with 1,200 more burned and disfigured victims. Besides Pearl Harbor, other American installations were attacked the same day. On December 8, 1941 Roosevelt declared war on Japan. .
             So far, the movie "Pearl Harbor" gives a full coverage on the events that happened during the attack to Pearl Harbor. Another factual thing mentioned by the movie was "Cook Third Class Doris Miller". He enlisted as a Mess Attendant Third Class in 1939.

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