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The Last Of The Mohicans

             Writers use many different writing styles. Two of them that were used in the movie, The Last of the Mohicans , are Romanticism and Classicism. James Fenmore Cooper wrote the original novel, and he used these two writing styles frequently throughout the story. Classicism is when you do things the traditional way. Romanticism is basically the complete opposite. It is used when people do something completely out of the ordinary and use out of the box thinking. In this paper I will be talking about how the author incorporated the two different writing styles in his story.
             One of the first signs of Classicism in the movie was when the British and the Americans were fighting. They fought the traditional way of fighting by being organized into rows and firing a round of bullets one row at a time; while one row shoots the other row is reloading. When Hawkeye took the group into the cave under the waterfall I knew this was Romanticism. This was Romanticism because it used outside of the box thinking. This route was not the traditional way of crossing the waterfall, but Hawkeye knew that it would be there best chance to get away from the other Indians. .
             Another time I saw Classicism is when I saw the Huron tribe fighting. I knew this because they fought the way they were taught for generations. They have always used this fighting style. This might be Romanticism in the British or Americans eyes because they have never seen this kind of fighting style before. Another example of Romanticism from the movie was when Hawkeye and the group came upon all the dead people in the destroyed village. Instead of doing the traditional way of burring the dead, he decided to let them be. This was out of the ordinary and out of the box thinking.
             The final time I saw Classicism was when the Americans surrendered there fort to the French. This was Classicism because they have done this style of surrendering for hundreds of years.

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