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Did Racial Segregation Improve the Status of African America

            Did Racial Segregation Improve the Status of African Americans?.
             For a little while now, our society has condemned any kind of racial .
             segregation. Did it actually help the status of blacks? Howard N. Rabinowitz, .
             who is a professor of history, believes that segregation did help blacks. In his .
             opinion, the segregation gave blacks access to public services and .
             accommodations, which they would have otherwise been excluded from in the .
             early South. On the other side of the issue, Leon F. Litwack, who is a professor .
             of American History, believes that a very cruel environment was created for .
             blacks, because whites had denied them privileges, protection, and rights.
             Rabinowitz started off his argument by stating that because of .
             segregation, blacks were provided with their own facilities. He stated that from .
             1865 to 1867 southern whites tried to limit admission to institution to whites only. .
             Rabinowitz believed that because of these actions, separate schools for blacks .
             were created, poorhouse facilities were provided, and the Nashville Street .
             Railway even started running a separate car for them. Alabama conservatives .
             even started admitting blacks into the state insane asylum.
             Rabinowitz concluded that most white southerners felt that excluding .
             blacks was the best racial policy. These southerners were eventually forced by .
             the military and other authorities to give blacks more privileges and services. .
             "Nonetheless, the net effect of the Radical measures on race relations in the .
             southern states was to institutionalize the shift from exclusion to segregation .
             (Rabinowitz 150)." These Republicans wanted separate, yet equal treatment of .
             Rabinowitz went on to say that segregation seemed to have been the .
             main rule at any exposition or fair. He stated that blacks were allowed to attend .
             certain events and activities at white fairgrounds, but were never given clear .
             instructions to which ones and at what time to attend.

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