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Intercultural Communication : juxtaposition & discrepancies

            Papers on interview about communication in international settings.
             Intercultural communication: juxtaposition & discrepancies.
             Any society has its own culture, with specific verbal and non-verbal communicating means, styles, values and norms of a particular behavior. And owing to the revolutionary growth of the technology and the stream of immigration, the opportunities and necessities for communicating across cultures are steadily increasing. Nowadays, every one can be confronted with other strange ways of life styles, which can affect his/her behavior. This paper is a synthesis of my experience with a Dutch friend. After an interview in which we handle some aspects of cultural discrepancies. I will focus on the following points. I will speak about my culture and how it is viewed by foreigners. And I will deal also with the arbitrary relationship between language and culture and I will end up the paper on discussing the article entitled the Arab's image written by Mustafa Nabil.
             Culture is still a controversial concept and there is no clear-cut definition of this term. Culture may be defined broadly as something more than individual and less than universal. Each culture has its specific norms, values and behaviors. The Moroccan who I` am, I will speak about some characteristics of my culture. One of the traits of Moroccan culture is the collectivistic aspect; the interests of the group gain much credit than the individual. The success of the individual depends on how she/he visualized by the family, the stem and the society. Moreover, the relationships between the members of the society are vertical and equality is not valued highly. (Gudy Kunst 1998). In other words, the relationship is hierarchical and often patriarchal. The group must bless any decision of the individual. Otherwise, any divergence will be harshly punished to the extent of the expulsion from the in-group.

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