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Evil in Salem

             When you think of evil, what comes to mind? Some might say devils or witches. However, for the people of Salem, their evil was nowhere near devils or witches. What was perceived as witches conjuring spirits and devils visiting innocent citizens was really a huge practical joke. The evil lies in many places in this once peaceful town. Abigail Williams is an example of an evil that lies in Salem. Her selfishness and persistence toward John Proctor is what triggers this madness in Salem. She is so consumed with how this situation will benefit her; she does not even consider the people of the town. Faking sickness and mental torture for her benefit indisputably shows evil. Another evil in the town of Salem is Reverend Paris. Knowingly he protects his niece, Abigail Williams, out of fear that she might accuse him of witchcraft. He continually lets the trials happen because of his own self-interests. Family name and pride take precedence over lives of the people he preaches to. Being a man of faith, Reverend Paris should know where evil begins, but the evil ways about him let the trials continue and lets the evil spread. An additional evil in the town of Salem is the evil of the Reverends that travel to Salem to try to help this hysterical situation. They claim that they came to Salem to "sort out" the situation but the minute they get a piece of truth to believe they are unsure as to whether or not to believe it. The evil within them, tells them to protect their names and not make themselves look like fools. At first, they dismiss the claims that the panic is imaginary. This act of selfishness and greed continue to show where the evil really lies in the quiet town of Salem, Massachusetts. .

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